Trust Your Trim Replacement Project to a Pro - Your Knees Will Thank You

We'd be glad to help you update your Holland & Zeeland, MI area property

Replacing baseboards involves getting down on your hands and knees. The project could take hours, and you'll likely be in pain after doing it yourself. That's why it's smart to hire trim replacement specialists to do the work for you.

The team at Lakeside Painting & Renovation in Holland, MI can replace wood or vinyl trim that...

  • Was made from subpar materials
  • Has cracked, faded or gotten damaged
  • Doesn't match your exterior or your new floors
We can also paint or stain your trim to make it look more attractive. Call 616-298-4676 now to schedule trim replacement services.

Don't replace that beautiful wood just yet

If you have stain-grade trim, such as those made from cherry or oak wood, our team in Holland, MI can provide you with trim staining services to make those moldings look line new. Staining your trim can also help you reduce your renovation costs.

Contact us today to learn more.